Tigernuts energy balls

For about 20 balls: 150 g dates 100 g dry tigernut 50 g candied orange peel + powered cinnamon OR 1 cm fresh ginger + powered ginger Soak tigernut in a bowl of water at least 24 hours to rehydrate it. Place the dates in another bowl of water and let them soak as well. …

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Tigernut biscotti

TIGERNUT BISCOTTI  INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS  100 gr. coarse chopped Tigernuts; 25 gr. Tigernut flour; 150 gr. sugar; 1 tsk cardamom seed; 1 tsk salt; 500-600 gr. flour; 1 tsk baking powder; 2 egg. PREPARATION  Brush with: 1 egg white Combine the Tigernut flour, sugar, cardamom seed, salt, flour and baking powder. Gradually add the …

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Tigernuts Brownies

TIGERNUT BROWNIES  INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS  16 pieces Pan size 24x24cm; 300g butter; 400g dark chocolate of good quality; 4 eggs; 430g brown sugar; 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar; 125g flour; 125g tigernut flour; 1 ml salt; 200g dried tigernuts. PREPARATION  Rinse the dried tigernuts under cold water. Put them in boiling water and let them …

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