The tigernut and the vegan diet

The vegan diet based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables has a high nutritional value. Part of their benefits, and respect for animals and the environment, are based on the antioxidant power of exclusive consumption of large amounts of natural products.

The tigernuts in the paleo diet

Back to the origins in order to advance. This is the philosophy that defines the paleo diet (or paleolithic diet). It’s a diet based on the foods ancient ancestors might likely have eaten, such as meat, nuts, and berries, and excludes food to which they had not yet become familiar, like dairy.

The tigernut and other 9 super foods for your brain

Having a healthy lifestyle is not only being in good physical condition. Achieve an integral welfare also depends on the mental condition of the person. Not surprisingly, a stable mental state enables you to make wise decisions, which are essential for meeting healthy living guidelines.

Tiger Nut (Cyperus esculentus)

Tiger nut is a wholesome food and its derived product tiger nut milk also. Tiger nut is slowly attracting more scientific and technological interest; nevertheless there is a higher interest in the production of “horchata de chufa” (tiger nut milk) and its oil. The continous development of new products from the tubers and using its …

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