Horchata (tigernuts milk) is good for your health

We all know how good a drink of horchata makes us feel on a hot summer day, but it turns out it’s doing us good too. As well as being refreshing and having a unique flavour, it is highly nutritious and one of the healthiest drinks you can find.

Horchata has a lot of advantages and benefits for our health. These are just a few of the most important, to encourage you to drink it regularly. Your body will thank you!

Rich in minerals

Tigernut horchata contains a wide variety of minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It also has vitamins C and E, which help to reduce cholesterol.


Lower calorie density

As a sweet drink, if no extra sugar is added it is lower in calories than sodas, making it ideal for a sweet treat without too much concern about your weight. It is also high in carbohydrates, making it a delicious and healthy source of energy.

Digestive properties

It contains amino acids and starches which improve the digestive system considerably. Its main benefit is that it helps absorb carbohydrates and fats, it is diuretic (voiding water retention) and prevents diarrhoea.


Stimulant free

It contains no stimulants such as caffeine, making it ideal for children or the elderly. It also contains no sodium, so it is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure.


Allergy avoidance and refreshment

If you are allergic to milk or fruit sugar, horchata is safe and refreshing, as it is lactose and fructose free.


11 thoughts on “Horchata (tigernuts milk) is good for your health”

  1. Thank you for posting this awesome article. I’m reading your blog since a
    long time already but I never compelled to leave a comment.

    I registered your blog in my rss feed and shared it on my Facebook.
    Thanks again for this great post!

  2. I recently tried Horchata in the form of “Rumchata”. It was delicious, and came in a 1 oz serving cup to add to coffee. I had the coffee at 4:30 PM…….and by 9:45, 5 hours later, had the very worst diarrhea ever! I have read that Horchata can cause diarrhea……..I cannot find out WHY this is, since it contains rice water, and is even used to treat diarrhea. Hoping to find out if it was just that brand or something, because I really enjoyed the flavor, not the after effects!


    1. It seems you are mixing up two very different products. You consumed an alcoholic drink that contains rice horchata, among other ingredients where you can also find cow’s milk and coffee, and you are comparing it with a 100% vegetable drink manufactured out of Tiger Nuts which contains only water and squeezed tubers (which casually is also called Horchata), but definitely those are uncomparable product.

  3. Thank you so much for this information on how nutritious horchata is!!! It is so delicious and a comforting drink!! I recently went to NC to visit my sister, and introduced her to it, she loves it also!!

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