The “Horchata” is a vegetable milk extracted directly from the tigernut. It’s a refreshing drink, superb as substitutive of traditional cow milk with a natural sweet taste.

The horchata characteristics

- Ideal milk for persons that don’t tolerate gluten (celiacs) or that are allergic to cow milk and its derivates.

- Helps in reduction of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol because of its high contents of oleic acid and Vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect on fats.

- The high content of oleic acid and the enzyme arginine prevents arteriosclerosis.

- Recommended for persons with digestion disorders, flatulence and diarrheas, because of the content of digestive enzymes (lipase, catalase, amilase).

- The high content of fibre has a good effect on digestion, as it stimulates digestive juices, contributes to a longer feeling of fullness and speeds up transit in the intestinal tract and so prevents constipation.

- It has a high content of minerals, phosphor, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins, where the content of vitamin C and E is especially considerable.

We produce Tigernuts extract, which is the Tigernuts juice without water. This gives us a shelf-life of over 2 year during which the product keeps all its organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological properties. We recommend to store in temperatures lower than 25ºC.

We can also offer you the Tigernuts Extract in certified BIO quality with certified BIO cane sugar.

horchataIn order to prepare the Tigernuts juice, you only need to add water to the TIGERNUTS extract::

- LIQUID HORCHATA: Put one part of our Tigernuts extract and add four parts of cold water. Mix properly and serve.

- ICED HORCHATA: Put one part of our Tigernuts extract and add three parts of cold water. Mix properly and semi-freeze for 2 hours. Beat the semi-frozen mixture until getting iced horchata and serve.


1. TIGERNUTS ARE WASHED AND REHYDRATED: The Tigernuts are washed in order to get away all the dust and dirt using a special designed machine. Once clean they are bathed in germicide. After this they are washed again and rinsed thoroughly. Finally they are rehydrated for several hours.
2. JUICE EXTRACTION: The Tigernuts are triturated with added water and squeezed with special pressing and sifting equipment. The result is a thick and milky liquid rich in fats and starch.
3. ADDITION OF SUGAR: The obtained juice is mixed with sugar, using a special mixer which shakes the juice to obtain a consistent product. We add NO preservatives and NO colouring agents.
4. TIGERNUTS EXTRACT: Once the juice has been obtained a special machinery reduces the water content and we obtain the Tigernuts extract. This extract has same characteristics as the juice with water. In order to obtain again Tigernuts juice, you only need to add 3 or 4 parts of water for each part of Tigernuts extract.
5. BOTTLING: Now the product is filled in sterilized glass bottles with 500ml or 1000ml capacity, which are sealed after filling them up.


Nutricional facts for 200 ml horchata. Avarage informative results.

STARCH: 1’12%
PROTEIN: 0’35 %
FIBRE: 0’38%



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