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Quique Dacosta is one of Spain three restaurants and one of the five best in the World, according to the guide « Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía ».

He presents us the following receipt:


Iodine-flavoured seaweed stock: 60 gr. Onions; 40 gr. Carrots; 2 heads garlic; 30 gr. Leeks; 50 gr. Kombu seaweed; 2 peppercorns ;0.5 Kg. Cockles; 0.5 Kg. Muscles; 200 gr. Chicken legs; browned 12 oysters (3 per person); 4.5 L. Water sherry.

Tremella-mushrooms: 16 Tremella mushrooms (4 per person).

Seaweed marinade: 200 ml. Mineral water; 50 ml. Rice vinegar; 6 tbsp. Soy sauce; Icing sugar and salt crystals.

Seaweeds: kombu; Sea lettuce; Wakame and wakame shoots; Irish gums; Sea spaghetti ;Dulse; arame; hijiki.
Tiger nuts: 25 gr. Dried tiger nuts; 20 ml. Mild-flavoured olive oil; Rind of 1 ripe lemon; 1 Stalk lemon grass (1 g.); 1 Clove garlic; 3 Black peppercorns.

Thick rice vinegar syrup: 20 gr. Sugar ;2 ml. Rice vinegar; 3 l. Rice vinegar; 50 gr. Neutral apple pectin gelatine.

Others: 4 slices smoked white tuna (1 per person); 6 drops tiger nut oil (use a dropper); salt flakes.


Iodine-flavoured seaweed stock:

Mix all the ingredients, excluding the oysters,and cook for 12 hours. Leave to stand, strain and clarify. Use 25% for the serving dish and the remaining 75% for cooking the mushrooms. Tremella mushrooms: Blanch in boiling water for 10 minutes. Remove and cook in the iodine-flavoured seaweed stock, in a covered pan, at 90ºC for 2 hours. Carefully remove the stalks.

Seaweed marinade:

Prepare the base of the marinade by mixing all the ingredients and setting aside. Cook the necessary seaweeds in water for 3 hours, then drain. Mix the seaweeds with the marinade and leave to stand.

Tiger nuts: Insert the dried tiger nuts in a vacuum pack with water, salt, olive oil and a garlic clove. Cook in the Roner at 61ºC for 8 hours. Leave to stand for a further 8 hours.

Thick rice vinegar syrup: Make a caramel with the sugar and 20 ml. rice vinegar to prevent it from crystallising. When a light caramel colour appears, add the remaining 3 lt. vinegar and reduce to 80 ml. Remove from the heat and mix in the neutral apple pectin gelatine.

quique_dacostaTO SERVE
Place the seaweed marinade at the centre of the plate with the oysters and tiger nuts. Arrange 3 tremella mushrooms around in a clockwise direction (at 1, 4 and 8 o’clock). Top each tremella with 3 salt flakes. Next to the seaweed marinade, tiger nuts and oysters place a slice of white tuna cut in half. Finish by sprinking the dish with a few drops of tiger nut oil…

Quique Dacosta
Restaurante: El Poblet
Dirección: Las Marinas, km.2 (Urb. Las Marinas). 03700 Denia / Alicante – España

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