Urban farming: how to plant tigernuts at home

In recent years urban farming has become more and more know. Everyone knows someone who has designed its own green space at home: on the terrace or a balcony that before that was barely used. Any space is suitable for creating our own garden; we just need some basic knowledge and will to start this adventure. We will learn the rest over time, while we enjoy the experience.

Benefits of urban farming

Growing at home has many advantages that have made it so popular:

  • For those who live in the city and we have to take a car to drive out to the nature.
  • For the parents that want to educate their children in a healthy environment and make them part of the green movement.
  • For those who like to eat healthy; there’s nothing healthier than some tigernuts freshly picked from your own garden.
  • For the people stressed by the city environment that find a small green and peacefull space.
  • For those who want to recover the taste of vegetables and vegetables without additives.

Planting tigernuts at home

Most present food in urban gardens are tomatoes, lettuce and onions for daily use, and strawberry or radish because they are beautiful plants. But the types of vegetables planted rely heavily on the geographical areas where they are grown.

The latest craze in Valencia and surrondings is to plant tigernuts at home. If you have a garden at home and are curious to see how this tuber germinates, you only have to follow these recommendations:

  • Grab a medium sized planter. Land or compound must be very loose. Tigernuts grow best in very sandy and loose soils. And if you take use soil from a previous crop it’s even better. The more loose the soil is, the easier it’s to crop them.
  • Rehydrate groundnuts and germinate them for around 24 hours before planting them 5 centimeters deep and with a separation of 10-15 centimetres. The month for planting tigernuts is April, but you can also plant them a bit earlier or later.
  • Water them much, they should never lack water and fertilizer.

If you follow these tips, you’ll see how they grow and form a green grass-like mantle. The jewel we are all looking for is underneath those green stripes.

  • After the summer the part of the plant which is visible and was very green like grass, dries and that’s the signal that the tigernuts are ready to harvest.
  • If you have planted in sandy soil, it will be very easy to extract the tigernuts. If you have planted in soil which was not very sandy and loose it will cost a bit more to get them out. The advantage of planting in a planter or even a plastic bottle is that the soil can easily be screened to find all tubers.

Feel like planting tigernuts at home?

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment.


48 thoughts on “Urban farming: how to plant tigernuts at home”

  1. Donna Haney

    I’m interested in planting a few tiger nuts at home to see what they are like & how will they will grow in Virginia, USA
    Thank you

    1. You can plant Tiger Nuts in Virginia without any problems, indeed they are already planted in some areas of the Eastern Coast known as chufas.

      Just follow the instructions given at the blog entry and you will have your Tiger Nuts plants in some weeks. Plant them during June.

  2. David Livingston

    Hi I live near Angers, France Could I grow tiger nuts here ?
    Do you have any suppliers of nuts near me or any other tigernut products ?


    1. Normally you shouldn’t have problems planting Tiger Nuts in Angers region.

      We recommend you looking for an Organic Tiger Nuts distributor in France (you will find them easily in internet) as this kind of seed is better to plant, with a germination around 95%.

  3. I am in Vadodara, India, would my soil able to grow these tigernuts.
    I also would like to grow this tigernuts in my home, and promote in my region with their benefit, uses.
    waiting for your replay.
    Best Regards,

    1. I guess it would be a good place to plant Tiger Nuts, but unfortunately we will need more details than we are able to get through the internet to give you a more accurate answer.

  4. Arul Prakash

    I am an Indian from Tamil Nadu, I want to know the suitable month of the year to plant tiger nuts in my area.

    Thank you.

    1. I understand you are able to plant Tigernuts in your region without any problems. You should be aware of the moisture, but in our opinion you shouldn’t have problems in planting there.

  5. Olugbemi Peter

    What should be the specification in terms of the bottles or containers used for planting tiger nut at home?
    How can the nut size be improved in term of size and colour as some are creamy while some are dark brown?

    1. You can use average bottles, like 1 Lt. water bottles to plant them at home. Normally the bigger the better to permit the plant expand their roots freely, which will mean you’ll have better fruits.

      I’m unable to give you an answer about your second question.

    1. The Tiger Nuts you get from a plant vary a lot depending on the geographic area and the variety of Tiger Nuts planted. Normally you should get between 50 – 70 tubers from a plant.

  6. Andrea Wiechern

    I would like to know if I can grow tiger nuts in New ZeAland and how would I get some here to grow ?

    1. You should speak to New Sealand authorities to check if the product can be grown in your country, as Tiger Nuts are banned in some countries to be used as a seed (i.e Australia).

  7. Can I plant the tiger nuts that you sell to eat that are organic, raw and unshelled?

    1. It depends on where are you located. Tiger Nuts cannot be planted in Australia as they are considered a weed, indeed the Tiger Nuts exported are treated for not germinating.

  8. I live in southern Michigan. Will tigernut grow well here? If so, when should I plant them? Or should I start indoors?

    1. We don’t think you will get an interesting yield from the eventual tubers you will get from the Tiger Nuts planted in your area due to climate conditions. We will recommend start planting indoors.

  9. How do you store the tiger nuts after harvest? Just dry them & store them in a jar? Will they go rancid if kept like this..
    Thanks for any info.
    Cheers Mitch

    1. To avoid problems with Tiger Nuts preservation we recommend wash and dry, below 10% moisture, them after harvest. This will help the tuber cycle to be completed and getting the traditional sweet taste.

      Storing them in jars will avoid appearance of undesired insects.

  10. I have weak kidneys and am on low protein diet. I would like to sprout some tiger nuts … is this possible?
    Also would like to buy some to eat and cook with …, can you tell me where I can purchase some? I am always suspect of foods bought here is Canada (Vancouver area) as so many things are irradiated or gmo’d coming across the border. Thanks

  11. Can I start chufa plants indoors before the spring season, then transplant them Outdoors in the spring? I am creating a food plot for wild turkeys who love chufa plants. However, the plants would not be mature in time for the spring turkey arrival. I would like to start the seeds indoors in January and then transplant them into the ground in April or May. Will that work?

  12. I would love to try planting tigernuts. My concern is this…how do I ensure that the nuts I am purchasing have not be treated to not germinate? This is my first time to your blog and I will continue to read. Hopefully I find some answers about growing this awesome tuber.

    1. I’d recommend you using Organic Tiger Nuts to germinate, as the germination ratio is very high. I remind the tuber is a seed itself, so just buy some tubers and plant them. There are several companies selling them within the United States.

  13. Hi, I am in coastal northern california, where we have a fairly cool climate all year. Summer will be sunny, but only gets up to around 70/75 degrees ferenheit. Do tigernuts need heat to really produce? Thank u: )

  14. Jill Middlefell

    Hi, will tiger nuts if given planty oaf space and the correct growing medium grow in a greenhouse? I’m in Scotland so I’m sure they won’t produce tubers if grown outside.

    Kind regards


  15. Can we grow tiger nuts in India.. I do organic farming. What is the idle climatic condition please

  16. Hello, pls can i plant tiger nut in Saskatchewan, Canada? if not outside, can it be done indoors in bottles? Thank you.

  17. Hi. How many days does it normally take before tiger nuts germinate when planted into pots? Thanks

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