Tigernuts & Health


Nutritious product with a high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), rich in minerals such as phosphorous, potassium and vitamins E and C:

- Phosphorous, together with calcium, constitutes the bulk of the mineral substance of the bones and teeth. It plays a part in the formation of ATP, an energy compound indispensable for "activating" glucose, fatty acids, etc. It improves intellectual performance.

- Potassium is the most important neural element in intracellular behaviour. It plays a part in numerous enzymatic reactions and in important physiological processes, such as cardiac rhythm, nervous conduction, muscle contraction.
- Vitamin E plays a role in the formation and functioning of the red blood cells, muscles and other tissues. It is thought to have a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
- Vitamin C its main functions are: Antioxidant; Encourages the absorption of iron; Helps maintain vitamin E levels; Indispensable for the inmunological system and for preserving the tissues.

Tigernuts & health

Tigernuts are very healthy, they help to prevent hearth attacks, thrombosis and activate blood circulation. Due to the high contents of soluble glucose they prevent cancer and lately some investigators discovered that they reduce the risk of suffering colon cancer. The very high fibre content combined with a delicious taste, make them ideal for healthy eating.


 High fiber content

The Tigernut has an higher fiber content than the oat bran, the cabbage, the carrot, plums and the Chia seeds. The fiber helps the organism to prevent constipation and acts as an appetite suppressant, which helps us to control our body weight.



Has the same benefits for the heart as the olive oil

Cardiologists recommend eating non saturated fats o vegetable fats and the Tigernut has a lipid profile which is very similar to the olive oil, which is considered one healthiest oils.


One of the best natural magnesium sources available

With only 100 gr. of Tigernuts your body gets 13% to 17% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium. This mineral stays active in the body and participates in more than 300 biochemical reactions of our organism.


Helps to control blood pressure

It’s high content of amino acid arginine helps the body make nitric oxide with maintain our blood vessels dilated and have a normal blood flow.


 Can help to prevent cancer and heart diseases

The Tigernuts is a source of Vitamin E that protects us from the creation of harmful free radicals which are responsible for the death of the body cells. This fact, combined with a high content of oleic acid, has demonstrated that it reduces the risk of heart diseases.


Gives your body more potassium than a banana

Eating 25 Tigernuts gives the body 139 mg. of potassium, being this the same level than a potato or an avocado and exceeding the potassium levels of a banana. This mineral helps the cells and organs to work correctly. It also regulates the muscle contractions, which helps your digestion.


 Source of non-animal protein

The proteins are fundamental for the human body. Different studies have demonstrated that the Chufas have a content of proteins which is 8% higher than wholemeal wheat. Also the Tigernuts have more amino acids than standards of the World Health Organisation for proteins.


Helps to control diabetes

The high non soluble fiber contents of the Tigernuts help the diabetics to regulate their sugar levels in the bood. Recent studies have demonstrated that the fiber doesn’t elevate the sugar levels in the blood as the carbohydrates.


 The Tigernuts milk is a perfect substitute of animal milk

It’s very easy to make your own Tigernuts milk with cooking equipment that can be found in every kitchen. Together with a few chufas we can prepare a vegetable milk, that is healthy, without lactose and rich in calcium, vitamin C and E.


Help us connect with mother earth

Tigernuts are grown respecting nature and in a sustainably way. Eating chufas gives us a feeling of well-being and takes care of our health.


Eating chufas gives us a feeling of well-being and takes care of our health




449 Kcal/100gr.
63,60 gr/100gr.
23,00 gr/100gr.
4,43 gr/100gr.
14,50 gr/100gr.



340 mg/Kg
900 mg/Kg
7100 mg/Kg
120 mg/Kg
900 mg/Kg

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