Recetas de harina de chufa y sus beneficios para la salud

Milled Tigernuts: Ground tigernuts, healthy and ready to use

Milled tigernuts are obtained using totally natural milling methods and can be used to make easy, delicious dishes, full of flavour.

Instead of grinding tigernuts by hand with a mortar and pestle, there is the option of buying ground tigernuts, ready to use. Ground chufa or tigernut can be used right away to make breakfast and other dishes, especially desserts.

Milled tigernuts are totally natural and have all the properties of whole tigernuts. They have simply been milled to make them easy to use in recipes, as tigernuts are often called for as a flavouring.

This way you can use ground tigernuts to quickly make classic desserts such as cocas or chufa cookies, and main dishes with all types of ingredients. Ground tigernut is also ideal for sprinkling onto foods as a condiment, giving them its distinctive intense, sweet flavour.

Ground tigernuts are a guarantee of health and flavour in your cooking.

Tigernuts are a traditional food, made famous by its unique flavour and high fibre content, with many other health benefits.

One of its main components is Omega 9 fatty acid, essential for the health of the cardiovascular system. It is also very good for the digestive and immune systems.

If you want to enjoy it in your dishes, ground tigernut is the easiest way to use this natural ingredient. Try it!

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