Tiikeripähkinä (Tigernuts) are an increasingly popular food in Finland

Tiikeripähkinä (tigernuts) have been making their way beyond the frontiers of Valencia and Spain for years, and Finland is a clear example of this.

In Finland the “TIIKERIPÄHKINÄ” is getting more and more popular and you start finding them in different shops. There is a growing trend for several years in Finland and other northern European countries to make the chufa or tigernut popular.

The tigernuts (Tiikeripähkinä ) are now considered a very valuable product in those countries, as they are imported from a far-off country, and they are appreciated for their distinctive taste and their many health benefits.

The Tiikeripähkinä (tigernuts or chufas) are usually sold in 250 gram packets, but the can be purchased in a variety of packagings.

Meanwhile, other derived products such as cosmetics, oils and of course horchata de chufa are also becoming popular. Tiikeripähkinä (tigernut) use is becoming diversified into different products in Spain, with new applications and uses, which are also sure to be well received in foreign markets. Chufas are currently extending their culinary and healthcare uses and their frontiers around the world, and more countries are starting to enjoy them every year.

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