Tigernuts is moving closer to IFS Food v7 certification

We are constantly reinventing ourselves and setting every higher standards. This dynamic of permanent improvement has always been one of the pillars of the Tigernuts strategy. For this reason, in 2021, the company will take a new step forward in quality with the implementation of the IFS Food v7 certification standards, one of the most demanding in the sector. This level of quality has not been achieved overnight, but is the result of years of effort and investment. Verónica Carrión, director of the Tigernuts quality department, explains what IFS Food certification means for the company at all levels.

What is IFS and what does it consist of?

IFS is an internationally recognized food quality and safety standard. This certification seeks to ensure that food companies work under the same food safety and quality standards at every product stage throughout the company.

When did Tigernuts start applying the IFS standards?

We started with IFS Global Markets in 2017. And since then, we have been progressing year after year to finally reach IFS Food standard in 2021. It is a journey that allows you to advance step by step towards excellence.

In our case, it has been a constant improvement, both in facilities, processes and staff training. This evolution has helped us to set goals each year and progress and consolidate processes, staff attitudes, ways of working on a day-to-day basis, etc. Because this has been a progressive change, thanks to IFS GM there has not been a drastic change. At the end of the road looking back, you see the great progress that has been made, especially in the facilities and in the food safety culture throughout the company.

What are the big technical differences between IFS Food and IFS Global Market standards?

IFS Food is internationally recognized by the GFSI as a food safety and quality standard, while Global Markets is not. IFS Food is much more demanding when it comes to controlling everything that is related to food safety and quality, such as process verifications or the control of CCP’s (Critical Control Points).

What is the challenge for the company in 2021 and its quality department?

We will be certified with IFS Food and all company workers will continue on the same path to achieve and strengthen a culture of food safety and quality.

What business advantages does IFS Food certification offer, both for Tigernuts and its customers?

Certification allows large companies with strict quality standards to look at us or our product. It helps us build greater confidence in food safety. For customers, it is the guarantee of working with a safe and quality product.

Once the IFS Food standard is implemented, what will Tigernuts focus on next?

We will continue working to offer the best quality and a safe product, strengthening a culture food safety in all workers. The most interesting thing is that we can always improve, innovate and enrich our offerings through the quality of our products. In other aspects, we will also seek to certify ourselves in an environmental standard.

Tigernuts is moving closer to IFS Food v7 certification

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