Tigernuts launches a new corporate identity

Tigernuts launches a new corporate identity

Tigernuts has rolled out a new corporate identity in June, 2020, which will be globally applied from the said date. With this important step, the company gets ready for new challenges and displays a more consistent image of their business.

With the redesign of their corporate identity, Tigernuts wanted to reflect their position as a world leader in the tiger nut and derivative product business, and also assert its evergreen values. Generally, the new image of the brand improves legibility and clarity. The typography and logotype simplifications communicate the strength and vitality of the company. Also, the use of a more potent green in the logotype and some letters representing the countryside, references the origins of the product and consolidates a notion of sustainability, a central axis in the current Tigernuts strategy.

“We want to communicate our corporate values in a more direct way. The introduction of our new graphic line is a natural and necessary development to align the image of Tigernuts with our values,” explains Daniel Carrión, managing director of the company founded in 1997. The initiative is in response to a growing level of business by Tigernuts, the business expansion of which, has led to new communication standards and obligations towards different segments of the public. “What we want is to show and explain who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We believe that transparency generates trust, for our clients, and for the consumer,” adds Daniel Carrión.

The new corporate identity of the company means much more than a set of graphical standards. It will serve as a canvas for the Corporate Social Responsibility policy that Tigernuts has been implementing during the last several years, and which it is at the point of making public. When the brand attracts more prominence, talk can begin of a new era, however, the vision and DNA of Tigernuts has not changed, just grown.

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