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Tigernut drink: an alternative to milk

There’s no stopping it. The supply and consumption of vegetable-based drinks continues to grow relentlessly, keeping up the trend that began at the start of the last decade. A shift in eating habits around the world has seen vegetable drinks grow as a clear alternative to milk produced by animals. Among the many vegetable-based drinks on the market (soy, almond, coconut, rice, oat, etc.) we can find tigernut drink: one of the most wholesome healthy options.

What are tigernuts and how is tigernut drink made?

The tigernut is a small tuber grown from April (when it is planted) to November (the harvest). It harks back to the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in ancient Mesopotamia. Over the centuries, it has spread to be grown in other regions of the world, but today the main producers can be found in West African countries. Tigernut drink is consumed all over the globe, but the main consumers are in Spain, where it is known as Horchata, and Nigeria, where they call it Kunna Aya.

It is a simple drink to make. After washing, the tigernuts are left to soak for eight hours before being ground up. Next, water is added to the resulting mass and the maceration period begins. At the end of the process, the product is strained and left to cool.

Tigernut drink: a superfood

Tigernuts are considered to be a superfood because of their exceptional nutritional qualities. These include a great amount of minerals (phosphorous, magnesium, iron and calcium) and the vitamins E and D. This is why tigernut drink has so many health benefits, such as helping to lower cholesterol thanks to its vitamin E and oleic acid, and alleviating the symptoms of arteriosclerosis thanks to an essential amino acid: arginine.

Not only that, it is suitable for celiacs and diabetics because it contains no gluten or glucose. Furthermore, it has starch and sucrose, making it a good source of energy (100 Kcal/100 g).

The taste of tigernut drink in response to today’s demand

The success of vegetable-based drinks comes on the back of a rise in veganism and flexitarianism, the harmful effects on health caused by hormones in animal milk, the increasing intolerance to lactose, and other factors. In addition, the rising awareness among consumers about the importance of a healthy diet is steering them towards less processed products with lower added sugar. Thanks to its taste and natural properties, tigernut drink is the perfect answer to current trends in consumption.

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