Chufa knold: The spanish chufa in Denmark

Chufa knold: Tigernuts and their many culinary possibilities have opened new markets to the product in Denmark and other northern European countries.

Not long ago, around a decade, tigernuts were little used, and most people associated this tuber (Chufa knold) with horchata almost exclusively. But recently the options have expanded enormously, both for everyday use and in haute cuisine, and tigernuts today are widely used and reaching many new countries.

In Scandinavian countries like Denmark, chufas or tigernuts (Chufa knold) are seen more as an ingredient for desserts and other dishes than as the basis of horchata, as their cooler climate means they are not large consumers of refreshing drinks.

In cooking, tigernuts are used to make biscuits and muffins, and as an ingredient in sauces and a wide range of other dishes. They are being used in more inventive ways all the time, giving recipes their distinctive flavour. In fact, what Danish people most enjoy is their sweet, intense flavour, very different to any of their native foods.

They are also very aware that tigernuts are obtained naturally with any treatments or pesticide use, helping to conserve their healthy properties and benefits.

At present, the most sold products are traditional chufas and packets of ground tigernut, although horchata is still quite popular. As these countries explore the many possibilities of tigernuts in the kitchen, their consumption will increase.

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