Földi mandula / Tigrismogyoró: The spanish chufa in Hungary

The health benefits of the Földi mandula (tigernuts) are one of its main values in foreign markets such as Hungary

Földi mandula (tigernuts) are being enjoyed in more and more places, and the European market is taking up this food, which is being discovered by people far from Valencia, its historic place of origin. In a country as far-flung as Hungary, tigernuts are becoming increasingly popular, thanks largely to their biological properties and health benefits, which are highly valued abroad.

Many Hungarian websites devoted to organic food and ecological products offer packets of tigernuts as a great way to sweeten dishes with a healthy, 100% natural ingredient.

This is undoubtedly a winning formula for földi mandula, tigernuts or chufas, as they have real benefits for health, and chufas and chufa products with Designation of Origin are made with all-natural methods.

Tigernuts (in hungarian: földi mandula) are rich in nutrients such as vitamins C and E, Omega 9 fatty acid, minerals and phosphorus, making them a good choice for improving the digestive system and considerably lowering cholesterol levels. Also, their unique sweet flavour makes tigernuts very attractive to all ages, combining health and a sweet treat which is even recommended for diabetics thanks to its low sugar content. Tigernuts certainly have many options for expanding into underexplored markets like Hungary, as long as their traditional values and unique properties are conserved. We can be sure of seeing people in many more countries start enjoying tigernuts in their recipes and drinks.

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