Tigernut horchata and cava cocktail

Horchata de chufa or tigernut horchata is perfect for making cocktails which are intense and substantial rather than refreshing. It offers many possibilities, and can be mixed with a wide range of soft drinks and alcohols. Variations can be made on other cocktails (such as swapping out a Piña colada for a “Chufa Colada”) as well as inventing interesting new drinks.

In this case, we bring you a combination with cava and orange with contrasting flavours we are sure you will find fascinating.

You can prepare this cocktail in a few simple steps, and as you’ll see, the technique is not very time-consuming or complicated. It’s perfect for any summer day when you fancy an original sweet drink.

Here’s the recipe, give it a try!



For a 200 ml glass

  • 80 ml of horchata
  • 40 ml of cava
  • 80 ml of orange juice

To make other amounts, simply keep to the same proportions.


How to make it

  • Squeeze and strain the orange juice. Refrigerate until well chilled.
  • Chill a glass with crushed ice and remove when the glass is at the desired temperature.
  • Put horchata (also cold) in the cocktail shaker with the juice and shake well to mix for a few seconds. DON’T add the cava yet.
  • First pour the juice and horchata mix into the glass and then add the cold cava. Stir slightly in the glass and it will be ready to drink (never mix the cava in the cocktail shaker, as it is fizzy and will spoil the drink).

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