Tigernuts prevents heart attacks and reduce cholesterol


R.P., Valencia

Tigernut milk is mainly produced in The Comunidad Valenciana, and its properties come from the reduction of cholesterol and the risks of heart attacks up to benefit to people who suffer arteriosclerosis or renal insufficiencies, according to the last data, shown yesterday by the Denomination of Origin Regulator Council.

That what is called “The refreshing drink” is recommendable even for people who suffer high blood pressure, due to its low content in sodium, and also provides big amounts of iron ore and magnesium, bigger than the usual milk, which makes it beneficial for childhood, pregnancy and old age periods.

Likewise, experts affirm that it is good for renal insufficiencies and helps to heal because the arginina increases the cellular lymphocyte.

The cultivation keeps going on

According to the Doctor Miguel Bixquert, one of the responsibles of the study, thanks to its content in oil acids, this drink is similar to the olive oil. One of its beneficial effects recently discovered is the reduction of colon cancer.

The Comunidad Valenciana is as well the main consumer region of this product, because valencian population drink the biggest part of the 40 or 50 millions of litres produced per year. This region is followed by Cataluña, Madrid region and Andalucía.

In the same way, the inform points out that even with a handicap like the pressure to which the ground, spread along 16 towns, has been subjected due to urban interests, the surface dedicated to tigernut cultivation has been kept in its 400 hectares in the last years. Nowadays in Valencia exist around 500 producers of tigernut which its own Origin Denomination with a Regulator Council in order to care about the quality.


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