7 reasons why tigernuts are a super food

Tigernuts are largely unknown and especially their nutrients are not widely known. In Spain Tigernuts are closely linked to the production of horchata (tigernuts milk), this sweet drink has not been given the attention they actually deserve. However, several scientific studies have found in these tubers all elements and nutrients that should be consumed in order to pursue a healthy life.

For all these reasons and more we want to share 7 characteristics of the tiger nuts that make them a super food and main ally in diets designed to live a healthy life.

1. High fiber content that keeps your body in shape

The chemical composition of tiger nut outlines the large amount of fiber that it contains and which is clearly beneficial to keep the digestive system in perfect shape. Ingesting fiber is the best ally to end constipation problems, since fiber is a natural stimulant to evacuate regularly.

The fiber is present in all diets that aim to loose weight and are widely found in foods such as prunes, chia seeds or whole grains. However, it is proven that fiber levels found in the tiger nuts are superior to this food. This is why these tubers are now beginning to get more and more popular. The increasing consumption of tigernut flour may seem novel, but it has been made since ancient times. Now that there is a great demand for new products and healthy flavors, when the popularity of the tiger nut begins to spread around the world.

Among the benefits of consuming fiber is also the property of whet appetite. Not surprisingly, the effects observed are directly proportional: the sooner the feeling of satiety appears, better results are obtained in weight loss goals (for those involved in diets to reduce their weight). It is proven that the fiber remains longer in the body of people and provides a high caloric level. This element is also an important regulator of blood glucose levels.


2. Tiger nut milk is a substitute for cow milk

Ideal and healthy. The tiger nut, apart from flour (as noted in the previous section) is also presented in the form of milk. Apart from the traditional cow or sheep milk (the most consumed; especially the first), in recent years plant milks are increasing their popularity in comparison to traditional milk. For example soy milk is getting more and more adepts committed to a healthy and balanced diet. The success has been so great that, at present, soy milk is present in supermarkets and has positioned itself as a high quality product to combat, for example, high cholesterol levels.

Currently, tiger nut are undergoing the same process as the soy milk. The tiger nut milk is seen as the best substitute for cow or sheep milk, because of its non – animal origin and 100% healthy fats.

Rich in vitamin E and C, tiger nut combat hypertension and cholesterol. In addition, being an easily digestible food, it’s completely suitable for lactose intolerant and prevents cardiovascular problems. In essence, no doubt that, over the next few years, tiger nut milk will be claimed as a great substitute for cow milk. Its chemical composition makes it even healthier.

3. The tiger nuts are a source of magnesium

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical interactions in the body. Hence the importance of keeping the body with a beneficial dose of this essential element. The control of magnesium levels provides great advantages and 100 grams of tigernuts contribute between 13 and 17% of the daily need of a healthy adult.

To adhere the calcium to the bones and thus fight osteoporosis and tooth decay, tiger nuts provide part of the needed magnesium.

A good way to be full of energy is to provide the body a daily dose of magnesium. Magnesium is ideal, along with proteins, to develop the muscles.

Of course, magnesium is strongly related to kidney care and prevention of menstrual problems (in women) and maintaining the body pH stable to avoid the appearance of dermatitis or fungal infections.

As tigernuts contain these beneficial elments, it’s consumption becomes of particular interest to those who wish to maintain adequate levels of calcium and potassium. Tigernuts definitely are a super food.


4. Tigernuts provide a good amount of potassium

Controlling blood pressure is one of the main functions of the potassium. And in this sense, tiger nuts, due to the high amount of this chemical helps to control the heart activity.

While banana is the most known source of potassium, multiple studies have confirmed that tigernuts provide levels even higher of this electrolyte. To be exact, 25 tigernuts provide the amount of 139 milligrammes of potassium and proportionately outweigh the mentioned fruit.

The intake of potassium – rich foods is commonly related to the proper functioning of the cells of the human body and health of vital organs. Potassium, as one of the essential minerals, regulates the amount of acid-base and helps to distribute water throughout the body.

Potassium helps the body to process carbohydrates.

The lack of potassium in the body causes a different amount of dysfunctions such as arrhythmia, muscle weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure or constipation. Therefore, nourish the body with this mineral becomes an essential activity, to meet the objectives that every healthy balanced diet should pursue.

5. An inexhaustible source of vegetable protein

Tigernuts, as noted, have a high nutritional value. However, when analyzing the origin of their non animal proteins, tigernuts become a round food.

The latent benefit of plant proteins is the lower incidence of fat and cholesterol. Consumed regularly, tiger nuts are the ideal and perfect antioxidant for cleansing diets and elimination of toxins (based mainly on fruits and green leaf vegetables) that could serve to deprive from animal foods for a few days or forever.

The vegetable protein is aligned with all the benefits described above, as for example, the natural regulation of the cardiovascular system and proper functioning of cellular activity that prevents the risk of cancer.

Finally, it should be noted that the rich amino acids contained in the tigernuts are higher than the standards of the World Health Organization for other foods.

6. Dietary fiber in tiger nuts can help control diabetes

In line with the first benefit, the great contribution of healthy and balanced fiber provided by tigernuts does not raise blood glucose levels and, therefore, these foods are excellent for preventing and combating diabetes.

Actually worldwide millions suffer from diabetes type 2 whose risks can trigger fatal health consequences. Therefore, maintaining the levels of blood sugar in a controlled manner is clearly a goal to pursue, but for that, you have also to remedy obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol intake, smoking or high blood pressure, primarily responsible for triggering diabetes.

In this sense, tigernuts can play an important role in a healthy lifestyle, because of their high nutritional value and all the benefits described. In addition, it’s high doses of sucrose and the contained fiber have made tigernuts great substitutes for carbohydrates that do raise the level of blood sugar.

7. Tiger nut oil properties compete with olive oil

Indeed, tiger nut oil has nothing to envy the traditional oil. It’s oil is full of healthy power. Because of its high levels of oleic acid (monounsaturated), this liquid is perfect to nourish the skin and prepare it against external aggressions. In addition, tiger nut oil contains sufficient polyunsaturated fatty acids to fully meet the daily needs of the human body.

Among the therapeutic properties of tiger nut oil, is, for example, the cure of eczemas or skin lesions caused by dermatophytes, as well as stimulation of calcium absorption, bone tissue regeneration or atherosclerosis, among other diseases.

Beyond the therapeutic properties offered by the tiger nut oil as a food, advanced cosmetics companies begin to use it to innovate with highly tolerant products for different skin types and thanks to their high doses of vitamin E, which prevent aging.


The tigernut: A super food

Because of these reasons, this product meets all the characteristics to become the best ally of citizens in their desire to find a balanced diet and promote healthy life habits.

A new era for the consumption of tigernuts has begun. Until now it was strongly linked to the production of horchata but this is changing. This tuber is beginning to gain ground on its own and time will make it receive the attention it deserves. Innovation continues every day. How will the tigernut surprise us again?

85 thoughts on “7 reasons why tigernuts are a super food”

  1. doug haywood

    we soak the tiger nuts in anything from water to spirits this makes them crisper

      1. Used to eat tiger nuts in my childhood best food ever, now for the first time in over 35yrs. A big thank you to Na’vi Organics.

  2. Tiger nuts used to be sold in Indian shops in the NE England in the 70s and I enjoyed them as a kid.

    1. So did i and haven’t seen them since i was about 11 and i am now 74! It’s good to know they are still around. just sent hubby on a search mission!!


      1. Sylvia, we sincerely hope you are able to find the product. If you don’t please contact us by mail and we will send information about where you can find it in your country.

  3. Sylvia LeDoux

    Saw this ingredient in a “simple mills” cookie and found this. Great to see it coming back. I ate these i Mississippi when studying wild plants . It was called sedge nut from sedge grass. I read the Native Americans made flour and flat bread mixing it with bear fat. Thanks for posting this!

    Sylvia LeDoux

  4. Trevor Hart

    Over 60 years ago sweet shops in the UK used to sell small packets of tigernuts, they were very popular.

    1. Jill Wilson

      I used to buy a small bag from the sweetshop with my bus fare (I walked to school) with half a dozen dry nuts in about 1949/50, in London. I could chew them for hours and they never lost their flavour. Never heard of them since. Out of curiosity today I looked them up to see what they might have been. What a surprise!

    1. Tiger Nuts can be chewed without peeling after soaking with an extraordinary taste. If skin bother you I remind we have Peeled and Skinned Tigernuts available, which are even easier to eat.

  5. Do tigernuts belong to a nut family? I can’t handle most nuts due to oxalate sensitivity. What about oxalate content in tigernuts?

  6. i love tigernuts and have been eating quite a lot lately. I am scared that it could raise my blood sugar. What is the maximum quantity i can eat daily to stay safe

  7. Are tiger nuts low fructose? And low fermentable ability in the gut/intestine? For example, I thought coconut flour was a healthy low oxalate alternative, but it turned out to be high in fructose and is very fermentable in the gut….

    This is the first I’m learning of tiger nuts! It’s an exciting possible alternative !

    1. It’s true that Tigernuts are low in fructose. Nearly all its sugar is composed of glucose.
      On the other hand Tigernuts have a quiet high amount of resistant starch (and starch in general) and therefore are potentially high fermentable in the gut.
      Nevertheless, Tigernuts milk and flour is well tolerated by many people with IBS or other digestive disorders. It very depends on the individual toleration.

  8. Hi, could you say what the saturated fat content of, say, 100ml of tigernut milk is? Also the calorie content? Thanks very much.

      1. I love tiger nut milk. I normally blend the tiger nuts with ginger and dates and extract the milk afterwards. The taste is so satisfying.

  9. I love tigernut so much but never knew the health benefits not until now. I will continue to eat more of it


    I have been eating Tiger nuts frequently because I learnt it contains insulin which helps to control diabetes. Am a type 1 diabetic patient and am already on insulin injection. Can I replace my insulin injecton with Tiger nuts? If yes. What quantity? If no. Can I still take the two together?

    1. We will never recommend eliminating any medical prescription. Your doctor should answer your first question. Nevertheless we confirm you can still take both products together.

  11. Judith Ossom

    I am diabetic and hypertensive. Just had surgery on my lower back. I realised my feet are swollen. A good friend recommended tiger nuts. Has provided some which I am currently eating. Tell me more about Tiger Nuts.

  12. Hope tiger nut will not increase my blood sugar because of its sweetness because I have high sugar am controlling lately

      1. Holland & Barrett stock tigernuts

        I personally love tiger nuts and good to know it’s Benifits.

  13. Eneh Marietta

    I have been drinking tiger nuts milk, how can I prepare the tiger nuts oil. Thank you

  14. We are travelling through Spain and have just recently discovered Tigernuts. It’s my new favourite plant-based milk for sure! So naturally sweet and delicious. So far we can only find them in health food stores here, not common grocery stores yet. We bought a big bag and started making the milk in our van 🙂

    1. I found these nuts while watching a video on YouTube. The woman was using them for a recipe. I have nut and wheat allergies so I was so happy to know I had an alternative. Since then I found them in the African store and have made milk, flour, and nut butter. I am trying my hand at ice cream as the milk has a creamy texture.

  15. Ezeh Grace Oby

    I always enjoy tigernut since without knowing the nutritional values. Now I will increase my intake of it. it’s a good food.

  16. How do you know the levels of magnesium and potassium? I am interested in these elements and would like the source of the information if possible. Thanks!

  17. I enjoyed tiger nut as a child, in different forms. I increased my intake of recent, so I decided to know more about it’s benefits……

  18. Ernest Danso

    My heart beat is slow can tigernut be of help to me? If yes how often should I take it?

  19. Corri Piggott

    Bought some recently and have been enjoying them just for a natural ‘sweet’ and have managed to lose a lot of weight very gradually since Nov. 2016. At this point I was borderline Diabetes 2. These and dried apricots, figs, prunes really help and with an all plant-based diet I can eat as much as I like and never get hungry also it’s made me pleased to be doing my bit for reducing humanity’s damaging impact on the environment, as it is a more efficient use of resources, requiring less energy from fossil fuels as well as less land and water. So, thank you for your helpful information on Tiger nuts, I’ll certainly be spreading the word.

  20. Are tigernuts high in oxalates? How many mg per servings does tiger nuts have? I love them but I’m supposed to limit my oxalate consumption dramatically.

  21. I just found out that blending tiger nuts dates and coconut will help with my menstral issues

  22. I just had a blend of tigernut, dates,cloves and fresh ginger.
    Taste milky and I love it.

  23. Engr Abdullahi Maiturare

    Thanks to almighty for providing us with tiger nut as a natural endowment.!

  24. Chibuzo Njoku

    Please, is it healthy to combine tigernut with groundnut to enable me swallow the fiber? Thanks for your health awareness on the benefits of tigernut. Great awareness.

    1. We recommend soaking Tiger Nuts in water for a few hours before consumption. This will allow the tigernut to enhance its taste and make the experience of eating it much more pleasant.

  25. I love eating tiger nut due to it health benefits,I want to know the quantity I should take a day

  26. is it possible to print out the benefit of tiger nuts to show my diabetes nurse as am really trying to control my type 2 and i tried to explain to her about them.

  27. Thanks for this Write-up, very enlightening. My dear wife recently began to make Tiger Nut milk as a family drink instead of soda/soft drinks , but i never took it as a necessary health drink, until the night it cured me of a severe stomach ache after she gave it to me. It was an instant cure, and i slept off soon after. A family friend also testified it cured her of acute constipation after my wife gave it to her. I now take it almost daily.

  28. I thought these were native to west Africa only. We called them Ghana nuts when I was young. My fiancé and I are chewing on them as I type this. We soak ours for about 12-17 hours before eating. So delicious

  29. I have used Tigernut in many recipe and recently I have been able to products Tigernut Powder milk without chaff manually. This way I can have it anytime any day anyhow. I use it for tea, cereals, smoothies, ice cream, cookies, cakes and bread. The taste is awesome. Thanks for your detail information on it’s benefits

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