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The tigernut and the vegan diet

The vegan diet based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables has a high nutritional value. Part of their benefits, and respect for animals and the environment, are based on the antioxidant power of exclusive consumption of large amounts of natural products. (more…)
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Tiikeripähkinä (Tigernuts) are an increasingly popular food in Finland

Tiikeripähkinä (tigernuts) have been making their way beyond the frontiers of Valencia and Spain for years, and Finland is a clear example of this. In Finland the “TIIKERIPÄHKINÄ” is getting more and more popular and you start finding them in different shops. There is a growing trend for several years in Finland and other northern European countries…
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Földi mandula / Tigrismogyoró: The spanish chufa in Hungary

The health benefits of the Földi mandula (tigernuts) are one of its main values in foreign markets such as Hungary Földi mandula (tigernuts) are being enjoyed in more and more places, and the European market is taking up this food, which is being discovered by people far from Valencia, its historic place of origin. In…
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