Tigernuts Brownies

TIGERNUT BROWNIES  INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS  16 pieces Pan size 24x24cm; 300g butter; 400g dark chocolate of good quality; 4 eggs; 430g brown sugar; 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar; 125g flour; 125g tigernut flour; 1 ml salt; 200g dried tigernuts. PREPARATION  Rinse the dried tigernuts under cold water. Put them in boiling water and let them …

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Candied tigernuts

CANDIED TIGERNUTS RECEIPT 2 tablespoons water 40g sugar 60g chopped, dried tigernuts 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground ginger DIRECTIONS 1. Let sugar and water boil until it thickens. 2. Add the remaining ingredients. 3. Stir, when the sugar sticks to the tigernuts it is time to pour them up on a baking sheet. …

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Tigernuts cookies

TIGERNUT COOKIES About 70 (?) cookies 6-7 dl tigernut flour / 200g unsalted butter / 1 dl sugar DIRECTIONS 1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl or a food processor. Be careful with the consistency – it should not be dry and crumbling, or sticky. Add more flour if the dough is sticky, or add …

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Tigernuts chocolate

TIGERNUTS CHOCOLATE About 80 small pieces (2.5 x 1cm) 250g dark chocolate of good quality 3 dl chopped, dried tigernuts (soaked in water for 24h before use) DIRECTIONS  1. Chop the tigernuts. 2. Melt chocolate in microwave or in a bowl over simmering water. 3. In a bowl, mix together chocolate and tigernuts until blended …

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Horchata cupcakes

HORCHATA CUPCAKES About 60 mini cupcakes / 25 regular cupcakes 115g butter 1.5 cups sugar 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1.5 cup fresh horchata 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 4 large egg whites DIRECTIONS  1. Soften butter in the mixer on high speed. 2. Drizzle the sugar mixture …

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