Steak in tigernuts juice

IBERIAN SIRLOIN STEAK IN TIGERNUTS JUICE  INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS  600 gr. Iberian sirloin steak; 100 gr. Tigernuts; 1 l Milk; 1 tbsp. of Dijon mustard; 1 Dl. Evaporated milk; Salt; Pepper; 1 grand Smith apple; Sugar; Rosemary; Oil. For the foie: 300 gr. Of fresh foie liver; 2 gr. salt; 1 gr. pepper; 2 …

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Tigernutty oatmeal raisin cookies

TIGERNUTTY OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES  INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS  125 g. butter; 150 ml. sugar; 150 ml. tigernut flour; 350 ml. oatmeal; 0.75 teaspoon baking soda (not baking powder); 200 ml. raisins of good quality. PREPARATION  Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Mix together the butter and sugar in a medium bowl until light and fluffy. Combine …

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