¿La chufa cuando se cosecha?

When are tigernuts harvested?

In order to produce tigernut milk, the tigernuts must be processed. This requires harvesting. How is the cultivation of the tigernut?

Tigernuts: a non-GMO food

Non-GMO foods have not been genetically modified or altered.  Moreover, these foods are much healthier and beneficial to the body, such as Tigernuts Traders natural tigernuts.  The GMO varieties are enhanced through bioengineering and look much more appetizing, they are a brighter colour, bigger and free from imperfections, although they are less suitable for leading …

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Tigernuts and other 9 super foods that prevent disease

Taking care of ourselves is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. However, human health is subject to many uncertain issues. And that’s why a healthy lifestyle (with moderate exercise and a balanced diet) is so important for our welfare.

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